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chimney cleaning

Proper care and attention can help protect people from unnecessary fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and always have an accessible fire extinguisher. Have your chimneys inspected and cleaned regularly; at least annually and choose the right professional!

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chimney inspections

In a Level 1 inspection, your chimney service technician should examine the readily accessible** portions of the chimney exterior, interior and accessible* portions of the appliance and the chimney connection. Your technician will be looking for the basic soundness of the chimney structure and flue as well as the basic appliance installation and connections. The technician will also verify the chimney is free of obstruction and combustible deposits.

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Chimney Repair Service

Many home and business owners may not realize the importance of scheduling a licensed chimney and fireplace inspection at least once a year to prevent fires and to ensure that both systems are functioning as efficiently as possible. The certified chimney sweeps at CCM Colonial LLC are highly experienced and fully equipped to carry out all levels of chimney maintenance and repair that ensures your safety and preserves the structural integrity of your property.

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CCM Colonial LLC is proud to offer a wide variety of commercial and residential masonry services to clients in the area. We can assist you with the construction, repair or restoration of virtually any structure made out of brick, block, stone or concrete. Whether it’s decorative or integral, just give us a call, tell us what you need and we will be glad to give you a free quote.

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chimney liners

Chimney flue liners are the passageway in the fireplace or furnace flue through which smoke, combustion byproduct, and flue gases (carbon monoxide) travel in order to safely escape your home. Chimney liners come in many forms, shapes, and sizes depending on manufacturer requirements. Chimney liners can be clay tiles mortared in place, rigid metal pipe, or flexible metal pipe.

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chimney caps

For many people, the process of selecting a chimney cap starts with the question of why a chimney cap is needed, but the truth is that if you’ve got an active chimney, you should have a chimney cap. The most basic reason for this is fire safety.

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Absorbed water will eventually break down the brick-and-mortar particles. In freezing temperatures, the water expands and can separate layers of the brick (a condition known as “spalling”).

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CCM Colonial installs freestanding stoves, hearth stoves, and wood stove inserts. All are installed according to NFPA 211 guidelines and local building codes.

masonry construction

Solidity, permanence, and strength are just a few of the qualities your construction will project when it’s completed with masonry. Regardless of your upcoming project’s scale, building it with masonry means you are investing in its sustained future.

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Masonry services

CCM Colonial LLC is proud to offer various commercial and residential masonry services to clients in the area. We can assist you with the construction, repair, or restoration of virtually any structure made out of brick, block, stone, or concrete. Whether it’s decorative or integral, give us a call, tell us what you need, and we will be glad to give you a free quote.

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masonry repair

As time goes on, stone and brick will eventually start to degrade. In the event that your residential or commercial property’s masonry has begun to show signs of wear, don’t panic. Just give CCM Colonial LLC a call and we’ll be glad to fix it up for you.

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Masonry restoration

Things built with masonry are renowned for their ability to stand tall and proud for centuries, but sometimes they can only do so with a little love from a trained mason. If you own a historic building or your brick or stone is simply looking a little worse for wear, our masons can restore it to its original glory.

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retaining walls

A retaining wall has the tough, thankless job of holding back tons of soil so that your property’s landscape can be more functional. Given the amount of pressure retaining walls must endure, make sure it is ready to perform against the elements and let our masons build you a rock-solid one.

outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchens construction

Our hardscaping talent and expertise have distinguished us as a landscaping company. As passionate contractors, we love finding new ways to make green spaces more livable, affordable, and enjoyable. Our long history of designing and building outdoor kitchens from scratch is just one way we accomplish that for homeowners.


stamped concrete

If you love the look of brick and stone but don’t have the budget for it then you should consider stamped concrete. We can recreate virtually any type of pattern, making your concrete look as good as the real thing at half the cost.

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concrete construction

Concrete has been one of the most popular building materials for over a century. The reason is simple: It is one of the most durable, affordable, and flexible building materials known to man. If you want to build something big or small with strength and without breaking the bank, then building it with concrete might be right for you.

concrete staining services

stained concrete

The days of boring old gray concrete are long gone thanks to stained concrete. We can turn your concrete floors, patios, countertops or driveways into an aesthetic masterpiece with all the different colored stains. If you want to give your concrete a colorful makeover, give us a call today and ask about our stained concrete services.

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